Monthly Archives: September 2014

Wendy – Nashua, NH

“Living in NH, my choices were somewhat restricted, but HealthMarkets presented me with both options that were available and they patiently explained the pros and cons of each. I was very happy with the product I purchased. Since that time, the insurance company with whom I had the policy stopped writing in our state. But,… Read more »

Marsha – South Lake Tahoe, CA

“HealthMarkets helped me sort through all my different options for health insurance and helped me figure out what best fit my needs. I ended up with the “Clear Protection” plan from Anthem Blue Cross and my dental and vision from Mega Life & Health. I am very happy with both products and the excellent service… Read more »

Marco – Fremont, CA

“HealthMarkets was instrumental in getting me a much better policy that suited my needs for medical and dental coverage for my entire family. Our existing policy for the family was way too expensive (monthly premium, combined deductible, and maximum benefits payable) compared to what they were able to negotiate. They walked me through the entire… Read more »