Roxie – Scottsdale, AZ

“I recently had the pleasure of meeting my HealthMarkets agent at an event that he was speaking at. I was very impressed by his knowledge regarding the Affordable Care Act and the changes that are happening. Like many other people, I was needing to change my current health insurance, so I had spoken to many people about ACA and what the best options were for me. My agent was far more educated and knowledgeable than anyone else I have spoken to. He knew exactly what was going on with the new ACA regulations and details of the changes within each of the insurance companies. Because of this knowledge and insight, it was very easy to trust my HealthMarkets agent and his recommendations for me. He listened to what my needs were and what I was looking for, and then gave me different options that fit those needs. He was very accessible and answered all of my questions. He was patient, professional, efficient, organized, and fun to work with. He took a very difficult and confusing situation and made it much easier to navigate. With HealthMarkets’ help, I now feel very comfortable and confident with the decisions that I made regarding my health insurance. I can’t thank them enough and I would highly recommend them to any of my family and friends!”

Robert – Holliston, MA

“We went through several companies over the last few years. Having a small business and a family of five got us into paying high premiums. HealthMarkets had researched several plans several times, always keeping us with the best value at the time. Our budget was tight and it was most important that all our doctors needed to be in network. At one point, we had taken a plan that my doctor did not take in order to save on the premiums. As soon as I could afford one that the doctor took, we changed plans. What was obviously a challenge that I put into HealthMarkets’ hands, everything turned out just fine, each time. In each set of circumstance, HealthMarkets researched the plans and offered suggestions that closely met our needs and our priorities. It was not easy to keep changing but he made it easy for us especially through the changes in the Affordable Care Act.”

Tricia – Tulelake, CA

“I requested a health insurance quote and received a phone call. HealthMarkets answered all of my questions and found the best plan. The best plan for us was to go with two companies. HealthMarkets set us up and worked out all the details. They never seem to be in a rush and they want to make sure all the questions are answered.”