Judy – Elkhart, IN

“As we became eligible for Medicare supplemental insurance we were overwhelmed with daily mailings from every insurance company on the planet. While we read it all, it became so confusing we were ready to throw up our hands to failure of understanding what we were reading. It didn’t make sense! During a conversation with a friend who had traveled the same path, she gave us your name as a referral and the confidence that you could help us as you helped them. So, we called HealthMarkets and set an appointment that was the first step in a great relationship. Our shopping experience was very confusing to say the least and we wish we could have talked to HealthMarkets first. However, we had seen the rest before we saw the best. HealthMarkets’ rollout of everything was very well thought out and easily absorbed by us. In the last couple of years we have referred about a dozen families to HealthMarkets and most of them joined your team. We have received feedback that compliments you and your products and service. Great job HealthMarkets!! Keep it going!!

Michelle – Ashland, MA

“HealthMarkets went above and beyond to help us get the life insurance that would suit our needs. They had to do a lot of homework, but we got it and we are very happy. They showed all the options to us and helped us choose the right one. Our experience has been great.”

Irene – Lakewood, CA

“Excellent service! I was so pleased on how my agent explained every single thing to me and never lost patience with me. I can’t say enough about her. I was really pleased as to how many products HealthMarkets offers.”

Mark – Medway, MA

“HealthMarkets researched different life insurance companies to fit our needs. The 1st company was the perfect plan for me, as I was rated super preferred. My husband’s plan was too expensive for us so HealthMarkets investigated other companies and found a plan that was 1/2 the price for my husband.”